TEDxQueenstown……the after

So we’ve all slept a bit, drank a bit and marvelled alot as the dust settled. What you can achieve in 9 months of hard graft, conversations, meetings, discussion and love. We’re all tired but man what a ride!

The online presence before, during and afterwards was astounding. So much feedback about what you loved, devoured, took on board. We are currently sorting out videos to go online as fast as our legs will carry us but while we wait lets look at the day.

As a committee member I shall take away with me many things but here are some:

Community. I am so proud to be a part of such a creative, giving, loving community such as Queenstown. To have an event in this town is awesome to put it on and have so much ‘wow’ is another. The amount of love, help, stuff, hard work we received was overwhelming. And for that I am proud.

Ideas. There are so many ideas that came out of the day. But also came out of the whole experience. What would we do differently? What would we keep? What are we now wanting to share, to spread? All good stuff and all stuff to now become a part of.

People. As Dorenda Britten said, it is the people. Without you guys we wouldn’t have anything. The hours, the sweat, the ranting. Yes there was some ranting. Next year will be different but only in a good way. For today we have April 19th.

Video’s will be coming soon. Just wait.

Jane Guy


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