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TEDxQueenstown 2014 : The Replay – all on one playlist…

Did you miss TEDxQueenstown 2014? Now’s your chance to relive the event in your own (Sense of) Place, just like the event’s theme.

All the videos have been added to a single YouTube playlist. Give yourself a few hours, invite your friends round, crack open your favourite beverage and some nibble, and let the discussions roll…  One click will play all the videos in sequence.

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Vikram Kumar at TEDxQueenstown 2014 – Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

Vikram Kumar thinks of himself as a technologist, a person who looks at technical issues from their interaction with society, economics, and cultural change.

At TEDxQueenstonwn he talked about how our online sense of place may be more fragile than we think. If we have nothing to hide online, does it really mean we have nothing to fear? Watch his thoughts on widespread government surveillance online.

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Andrew Patterson at TEDxQueenstown 2014 – The Power of Confidence to Change Lives

RadioLIVE Correspondent Andrew Patterson has strong roots in Queenstown as a former resident in the 90s. He is a passionate business champion with a bold vision for young people and their place in society and believes that supporting and growing entrepreneurism and investing in youth builds their connection with their community and is vital to the future of New Zealand.

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John Reid at TEDxQueenstown 2014 – The Power Of Animism

John Reid, a senior research fellow at the University of Canterbury’s Ngai Tahu Research Centre, takes us into the world of animism and explains it’s not about belief but experience. John explores the way in which indigenous and western cultures shape their identity and the identity of the world around them.

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Mathias Lefebvre at TEDxQueenstown 2014 – What do we really need in our lives?

Mathias Lefebvre is known affectionately around New Zealand’s South Island as ‘Piano Man’. Despite never having a music lesson in his life, every day Mathias tells his story with music on the grand piano. His talk at TEDxQueenstown asks us to think hard about what we really need in our lives and how we can cooperate for a better future for all.

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Frederique Gulcher-Ingram at TEDxQueenstown 2014 – The Kaleidoscope of Queenstown

If a place could be described as a kaleidoscope, then Queenstown could be it.  A cultural mix, and the next stop being Antartica (I’m using some poetic license here ;->), it’s the people, geography and place that makes this town.

Frederique explores the Queenstown kaleidoscope in her TEDxQueenstown 2014 talk below.  Please share your comments on YouTube after watching.

Holly Arrowsmith at TEDxQueenstown 2014

Holly Arrowsmith is a talented young performer at the early stages of her career. Her words about her music and what she gives, and gets back from it sound like she’s a veteran in the business, yet it was only a few years ago she surprised her family by announcing her intended music path. Holly spoke at TEDxQueenstown 2014 about the honest in her music.

Her talk is below. Please head over to YouTube and leave your comments after.

Behind The Scenes At The Stage Setup

Just one event, 5 hours eh?

Not at all. Like any TEDx event there an organising committee, and a raft of volunteers, partners and more that make up the event team.

This great time lapse by Alan Wharton shows the effort made just on the morning of the event… from just after moving the screen, to last minute preps by the speakers and tech setup and testing.

Look out for more videos from the event coming online over the next few weeks.

Reflection on TEDxQueenstown 2014

Reflection on TEDxQueenstown 2014
We stop and breath. It is done, at least for now. TEDxQueenstown has come to our town again brightened a few faces, challenged a few more assumptions and helped us imagine our own Sense of Place.

The theme this year held significance for me in that I am a relatively new local. I moved here because it felt right. I stay here because to me this feels like home.

I really associated with the mixed heritage discussion and what that brings to one’s character palette. I always say strange things such as diversity makes for a robust system. Although Queenstown itself has a short history it brings excitement through carried heritage of its people.

The other aspect that intrigues me is the adventurous, entrepreneurial and positively opportunistic nature of this town. Is that post-gold hangover? Is it new ‘local’ aspiration? Is it that we come to mountain places as sacred or special sites, historically not to dwell but to bask in their seasonal contrasts and special items such as pounamu for early Maori? Whatever one may associate with, the idea that people spend hard earned time and money to visit us brings with it the vitality of the happiness; the expectation of life giving fun.

Highlights for me of the event as part of the committee of headcases who partake in voluntary endeavours? The look of a volunteer at ‘work’, the ‘hey thanks’ from appreciative locals, the sincere thank you from speakers whom challenged themselves by bearing all under spotlight. Let you know more when we bring our heart rate down further.

We have said it a lot but seriously and again, thanks to all the partners and team. Stay tuned for a feedback survey so that we can be forever better at what we do. Above all at this point in time, look out for our social content where we announce the video release on TEDx Youtube of course as we all love the concept of Ideas Worth Spreading.

by Trent Yeo