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TEDxQueenstown - Ideas Worth Spreading

What you need to know….

“Brush off your taste buds, knock your socks off and put your party shoes on people because your in for the TEDxQueenstown 2015 ride!
Gates open at the Queenstown Memorial Center for registration at 12pm – don’t be late because you won’t get in after 1pm.
For your gastronomic pleasure we will be providing 3 food breaks throughout the day as part of your experience.
2.45pm will be our first break and is brought to you by our extended TEDxQueenstown family Wild Earth Catering
5.10pm is the next stop and there will be something for the sweet toothed inside us all – Koko Black anyone…Yes Please!
7.15pm will be our closing break after your mind has been blown from an amazing day of speakers and is brought to you by some of our wonderful locals at the Remarkables Market.We invite you to stay and continue the theme of ideas worth spreading.
Haven’t had enough…we will all be heading to The Find at around 9pm for a celebration…are you joining us!?
Above is subject to change but not by too much.”

Dane Barclay

Going back to study in his late 20′s Dane’s passion is looking at how humans strive under pressure. Working with Olympian and Commonwealth games medalists alongside elite athletes and coaching professionals Dane comes to us from Australia! Welcome Dane, we look forward to having you on our stage!

Dane Barclay


Caroline Dean

Coming to us from Hobart, Tasmania, Caroline is a workplace bullying consultant working in prison systems for nearly ten years. Adapting restorative practice principles for the workplace.

Setting up a non-for-profit community organisation Challenge Bullying, Caroline is working to educate the public around workplace bullying and support those who have experienced it first hand.

Welcome Caroline! You can read more about Caroline here.


Lydia Kan

Learning to ask for help is one of the things Lydia Kan is proud of and we are so excited to have her share our stage on April 19th. A raft of experience working globally with entrepreneurs, disaster and emergency management are just a few of the many roles Lydia takes on in her day to day. ‘Homeless’ after 3 years and more happy than she’s ever been, the world now takes her under its wing and she promotes mindfullness and meditation on her journey. Welcome Lydia

Read more about Lydia Kan here 


Moleskine® competition

Shiny chrome?  Inky twinky?  Or flamboyant feathers?  How would you decorate your Moleskine® journal?  For all our attendees with creative fingers we are thrilled to invite you to enter our Moleskine® Journal Design Competition!

This basically involves designing and decorating ANY part of a 9x14cm Moleskine® journal, and if you’re someone who needs more than one-page feel free to open the journal to use two pages. (Please note that the front covers are made of materials that will be hard to apply anything onto that’s not permanent.)

Now, this can happen one of two ways:

1. On the day in our mobile crafts studio you can draw, gum and flare your creation where there will be ample art supplies to suit an array of styles, but also feel free to bring supplies with you.

2. Or for those who CANNOT WAIT (guilty) you can take the dimensions of the journal, 9×14 cm, and pre-fashion your creation to bring with you on the 19th April to attach to your journal – probably with superglue. E.g. knit your journal a woolly cover for winter, or insert pages.

Here are a few examples for you …

moleskine moodboard.001

No competition is complete without a prize of course and the winner will be announced on the day.

Let’s get ready to Arts’n'Craft people!

Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff is the author of the number one travel photography blog in the world – ‘Stuck in Customs’. He has over 60 Billion views on Google along with over 13 million followers cumulative across Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest… how cool is that?


Trey is also well known as a pioneer in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, a technique whereby multiple levels of light are captured of a single scene and then combined into a single photograph. The resulting image is richly detailed and more closely resembles how you’d recall a scene in your mind.
Originally from Texas, but now living in the Queenstown with his family Trey is a prolific traveller. This year so far, he’s already spent three weeks photographing Antarctica’s icy wilderness, has popped to Dubai and snapped Germany.

Welcome Trey to our stage! Read about him here


Cam Calkoen

Cam Calkoen is our very own AWESOME. An inspirational speaker, Cam will launch you into the stratosphere of possibilities by exploring how living for awesome allows us to see opportunity, clarify purpose and enhance an inspired attitude. Cam was born with cerebral palsy but this certainly hasn’t stopped him from dreaming big and achieving more, like walking. So if you want to see what AWESOME looks and sounds like come and listen to Cam Calkoen. He’ll blow your woolly socks off.

Check him out here



Dorenda Britten

Dorenda Britten

Christchurch-based Dorenda Britten is a design thinker and strategist who has spent her career helping organisations “shape ideas that will shape tomorrow”. She knows a thing or two about smarter business thinking.

Design thinking is a creative approach to problem solving that’s essential in the business world and Dorenda is an expert in making this fit into the New Zealand business framework.

“Ten years ago, I developed the Ten Design Principle Framework. A realistic design-led strategy that empowers teams to create unique products, services and systems to solve problems and enhance the lives of real people,” said Ms Britten

“I bring clarity and simplicity to design-led strategy and have operated at all levels of business, both public and private.”

At TEDxQueenstown, you’ll have a chance to find out a bit more about Dorenda’s clever and effective approach to problem solving in the business world, taking into account the unique strengths and weaknesses of the New Zealand business character.



Graeme James

Heard of looping? No neither had I when I went to see Graeme James at the local club. Jaw dropped within about 2 minutes as I watched a solo performer sing, play a violin, guitar and other instruments all at the same time. Looping is where an instrument or voice is recorded and looped on a system so it repeats and makes you feel as though there’s a band playing when it’s just one person.

Clever? Yes very. Hailing from the mighty Wellington, Graeme James has become a sensation with his covers of well known songs all looped around to make them sound so new and well, like his own. Like I said. Clever. And we are so pleased to have him on our stage on Sunday April 19th.

Speaking about the beautiful tension between the known and unknown that is found in art that really connects us.

Find him here 


PIC_5797 (2)

Speaker release: Jamie Fitzgerald

Hey, it’s that proper adventuring bloke off the telly! Jamie Fitzgerald: adventurer, motivational speaker and leadership consultant is making his way (using present day methods) to share tales of adventure at our very own TEDxQueenstown! A natural strategic thinker, Jamie joins the dots to bring theory to life. His epic tales will have you on the edge of your seat.

Check out more on Jamie here www.inspiringperformance.co.nz