Trent Yeo, Curator / Licensee


Trent Yeo is Director of Ziptrek Ecotours in Queenstown, NZ. Created around the idea of sustainability education, it attracts those interested in the beautiful environment that propels adventure tourism in this region. Trent also moonlights on an online video production called ‘First Hand’ about New Zealand for the growing Chinese visitor market. | @wherestrentnow

Mo Rush


After numerous years bouncing between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, Mo Rush has spent the last 4 years making Queenstown home. Having worked at NZSki for the past few years, during winter you’ll usually find her shredding The Remarks and during summer she rides her bike in search of bees.

Scott Kennedy


Scott Kennedy is a Writer, Photographer and Filmmaker for his freelance company Adventureskope. He writes, shoots and films travel, technology, music, politics, culture, art and adventure. His work has appeared in publications in New Zealand and around the world including Lonely Planet, Outside Magazine and The Source Queenstown (where he is the editor and co-owner). |

Esther Small


Esther Small a camera welding, travel addict, born and breed in rural NZ. Esther works part-time for Hydro Attack as their Girl-Friday from marketing and media to photography and video as well as working as a freelance photographer to support her lens buying addiction.  Esther has a passion for playing ice hockey very badly, landscape photos, walking her dog up steep hills to take landscape photos and listening to podcasts while sitting up steep hills waiting for the light to be “just right” for said photos.

Andrew Young


Andrew Young comes from the United States.  After a few years of working in his career of Marketing/Television in the States, he decided it was time to step back and try something different for a year.  A one-way ticket to New Zealand brought him here in September.  Having a background with the TEDx brand in the States, he was excited to jump onto the team and is helping to lead all the experiences TEDx Queenstown attendees have.


Jane Guy


Originally from the UK, Jane runs Queenstown Life, a blog covering EVERYTHING Queenstown and Central Otago. When she’s not stuck on social media you can find her obsessively riding the roads of Queenstown on her bike, eating cake and taking photos of everything in town. Also working for Jigsaw, a family violence organisation in town, she’s busy. Like really busy.

Covering Social Media and communication for TEDx Queenstown | @queenstownlife

Jen Middleton


Jen’s driving the Partnerships team at this year’s TEDx Queenstown.  Outside of her role with TEDx she works as Marketing Manager for Touch of Spice utilizing her background in sales to market Queenstown’s luxury tourism options. In her spare time, Jen’s interested in anything which will feed the soul of Queenstown and keep it beautiful.  She loves yoga, good food, running and is an obsessive skier.

Zoe Gapper


This is Zoe, or Zapper or Zapper Gapper.  Hailing from Auckland she now calls Queenstown home after abandoning the glitzy world of advertising and fashion production in London for two winter seasons in British Columbia.  Zoe is part of the TEDx Queenstown Design & MarketingCOMS.  She is currently a full-time Mum but in her fantasy world where there are more hours in a day she would like to eradicate the wilding pines in around Queenstown, volunteer at a retirement home playing music all day long, and work for the Geological Society of New Zealand to help keep an eye on those pesky volcanos.  Her passions include skiing, detective fiction, skiing, tennis, skiing, and food.

Bonnie Greene


Bonnie describes her role in TEDx Queenstown as Professional Rent-a-Crowd, general body helping out where she can; jack of all trades, master of none. Her day job finds her heading up the Guest Service’s Team at Ziptrek Ecotours.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time in the outdoors with friends, good food and skiing and snowboarding.

Sarah Robertson


This is Sarah’s third year working with TEDx Queenstown and this year her role is to coordinate between the different teams to ensure the event runs ahead as planned, provide a little techy input and a few website updates on the side for good measure.  During the week Sarah works for MedRecruit as a Placement Coordinator. In summer, she uses her spare time to get outside and walk other people’s dogs and in winter ski and snowboard.

Dani Rush


Dani is another Melbourne transplant and has been loving the Queenstown life for eight years. During the days she works for MedRecruit as Placement Support Operations Manager. When she’s not Making People Happy she is riding the mountain bike trails around Queenstown with her sidekick Sid the Staffie. With TEDx Queenstown she is continuing to make people happy in her work with the Guest Experience Team and in giving out free smiles.

Gillian Leake


Originally from Tasmania, Gillian has spent the last 8 years in Queenstown perfecting life as an over-committed yes-woman; she dances, she crafts, she nerds out on books, and she’s always up for new projects to organize herself into. In summer you will find her zipping around the trees for Ziptrek Ecotours, and in winters she is usually found having on-snow “meetings” with her colleagues up at The Remarks. Gill is TEDxQueenstown’s people person; she has taken on board the arduous task of ensuring Trent stays on track, as well as driving all things volunteer and team related.

David Pearse


Dave has lived in Queenstown for the past 13 years and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. This year he’s helping to run our design department and managing the speaker’s presentations. Outside of TEDx, dave co-owns a snowboard camp called ’High Cascade Snowboard Camps NZ’ and work within the snowsport and mountain biking industry.  Dave is also founder of local community page: Queenstown Trading Limited. | #davesspace

Charles Easter


Charles started his life in Virginia and then, having completed his degree,decided he wanted to see a little more of the world. He’s lived in California, British Columbia and two years ago, landed here in Queesntown. Charles spends his days zipping through the trees as a guide for Ziptrek Ecotours which fits well with his passions: The Environment and Adventure Recreation. Eventually, Charles aspires to take a TEDx stage himself but is currently content working behind the scenes. This year for TEDxQueenstown Charles manages internal communications and is a random task master.  In his time off he can be found scaling rock walls or speeding down the slopes.

Sarah Webster

Sarah Webster

Originally born in the capital of Australia, Sarah spent most of her earlier years in Adelaide before deciding that she disliked summer. After chasing winters for 12 years, she’s now living in one of the most iconic places in New Zealand, Aoraki Mount Cook and continues to work in HR and Tourism for The Hermitage. When not working you’ll find her drinking coffee, taking long walks through the mountains or on the road between Aoraki and Queenstown!

Murray Strong

murray strong

Murray is gearing up for his third year of TEDxQueenstown.  He works with the speakers and will be the MC in 2015.  In his real job he does some other interesting things too but nothing beats the fun of TEDx in Queenstown – great people, great team, great fun!

Jon Yeo

Jon Yeo 1.6mb

Since 2009, Jon Yeo has been the curator and license holder for TEDxMelbourne, an independently organised TED event. Over that period Jon has worked with every speaker developing their short talk format and stagecraft. Jon curates and prepares TEDx speakers, nationally and internationally. Jon was selected to represent the Australia/NZ region at the official TEDx organisers workshop held at TED and attends global TED and TEDx organisers “best practice” summits all over the world.Jon also works with the National Speakers Association delivering coaching and workshops in Australia and New Zealand including the Top 25 speakers of the NSAA (Aus & NZ). He also works with leaders, salespeople and young social entrepreneurs to “Deliver Messages with Impact”. Jon believes in addressing the needs and values of future generations who focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability and business with purpose.

Lisa Moore


Lisa Moore is co-director of Drama Queenstown, Queenstown’s local Speech and Drama school which provides tuition for around 100 talented students. Lisa has been teaching for more than a decade, and has been studying speech and drama and performing since the age of six. She  in an active member of the local  theatre and music scene, having directed and performed in musicals and plays, and is also a member of the Golightlies, a cabaret and musical trio. Lisa looks forward to putting the finishing touches on each speakers performance once they arrive in Queenstown for the event.