2015 – Illumination

TEDxQueenstown 2015 

Dorenda Britten



Design thinking and strategist. The goal has been to develop a design set of thinking tools and methodologies that reflect NZ unique social, environmental and fiscal opportunities.


Jamie Fitzgerald



Modern day adventurer who pushes the boundaries of human endurance and helps others demonstrate the principles of success.



Lydia Kan




Lydia Kan is a strategy consultant, Master Executive Coach and cause champion.



Marcus Winter





Using a light box as a canvas Marcus Winter manipulates millions of grains of sand for a living.

Mark Balla



During his travels set up non- profit org we cant wait to make simple ideas that are good for humanity work in practice. Mark currently lives in Melbourne.



Cam Calkoen


Dreams of a world where everyone is presented with opportunity, and our bodies are not barriers to succeeding in our dreams and aspirations.  It is dreams that have brought the world to what we see today.  And our aspirations will propel it into the future.


Leslie Van Gelder


An archaeologist and writer whose work focuses on the themes of sense of place, intimacy, vision, and wisdom. Leslie is currently engaged in research looking at the ways in which the archaeological record shows evidence of relationships and love.


Graeme James

PIC_5797 (2)


Looper musician from Wellington looking at the beautiful tension between the known and unknown that is found in art.



 Caroline Dean





Haling from Hobart, Tasmania Caroline is working to educate the public around workplace bullying




Trey Ratcliff



Pioneer of HDR photography and his travel blog ‘stuck in customs’ Trey originally hails from Texas now calling Queenstown home.


Dane Barclay

Dane Barclay

Going back to study in his late 20′s Dane’s passion is looking at how humans strive under pressure. Working with Olympian and Commonwealth games medalists alongside elite athletes and coaching professionals Dane comes to us from Australia! Welcome Dane, we look forward to having you on our stage!