Mathurin Molgat

Mathurin Molgat plays a kauri guitar

Mathurin Molgat

Mathurin has roamed the world as a professional big mountain skier, photographer, action cameraman and vagabond. He has featured in over 50 television commercials and films jumping out of flying things, leaping off cliffs or attempting to be a serious actor. Voted one of the 20 best big mountain skiers on the planet in 1992, Mathurin is still searching for the perfect run.

Mathurin is also a film director / producer and a guitarist / songwriter. Poetry, beatnik tendencies and the search for an always better story has shaped his life. He directed and produced feature documentary Song of the Kauri which was released in 2012. SOTK walks the tightrope between economics and environmentalism and questions whether a sustainable commercialism of the iconic Kauri tree is its road to salvation.

What Mathurin hoped to get out of TEDx
I would love to have the opportunity to travel with this story, to share my thoughts and to stimulate conversation on the green future of our country. I believe that finding a balance between the environment and economics is a global issue and that NZ is capable of being a leader in sustainable resource economics.

Mathurin’s top two favourite TEDTalks
Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity, TED 2006
Dan Barber: A foie gras parable, TED 2008

Mathurin Molgat, Green Economics: The Song of the Kauri, TEDxQueenstown 2013

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