Holly Arrowsmith

Holly Arrowsmith“Sometimes hype, recognition and talent are mutually exclusive. The elusive combination is like hitting a moving target. The tricky alchemy of good, known and buzz worthy. Sometimes before all the passengers get seated the train leaves the station and before they can strum the first chord the whole thing goes off the rails.

Not this time- Holly Arrowsmith has been preparing her whole life for this. New Mexico born, Queenstown raised, there’s a worldly timbre to her voice. She sings with soul that outgrows her sub twenty laps around the sun.

Acoustically driven new wave folk, theres a mingling with the country and western that are the flag poles to her first home.  This aint no Gore show  though – leave the dang and twang at the door. This is the kind of C&W meets folk that strips everything but the honesty away and what your left with will leave you trembling.” – Scott Kennedy, The Source Magazine.

This summer Holly is recording her debut album and playing her trade at multiple festivals, including the South Islands biggest- Rhythm & Alps.

Get her E.P for free from http://hollyarrowsmith.bandcamp.com
You can find Holly at :