2016 – Connexions

This year’s theme, Connexions (see what we did there?) are all around us. From me to you, and from all of us to the universe – connexions are everywhere. Relationships, mesh, nodes, community, micro and macro systems are all words that spring to mind when we think connexions.

Our speakers did an incredible job of bringing this year’s theme to life.  In the process they made us laugh, made us cry and made us think about our Connexions to the world around us.  We’re releasing our 2016 talks over the next couple of weeks.  Check out the videos below:

Our 2016 Speakers 

Amy Scott

Tony Crabb

Neil Gardyne


Holly Hooglviet

Ken Clearwater

Peggy Oki

Niki Bezzant

Patrick Dodson

Allan Dixon

More talks coming soon…