TEDxQueenstown 2016 – That’s a wrap!

So it’s been a week since our minds were challenged in the best possible way. We laughed, we cried, we nodded in agreement, we shook our heads in heads in disbelief, we caught up with old friends and met many new. TEDxQueenstown 2016 lived up to its theme of CONNEXIONS as we explored what these[...]


What to expect at TEDxQueenstown 2016?

The day is approaching fast and we thought it would be more than useful for all you ticket holders to know more about what you can expect on the day of the event… Food and drink First and foremost, prepared to be fully catered for. We have absolutely everything covered when it comes to food[...]


What is it like volunteering for TEDxQueenstown?

Well it can be challenging and occasionally frustrating, it involves quite a few Saturday morning meetings and you will become well acquainted with your email inbox and google calendar. Volunteering for any organisation or event means that you are dedicating your time and resources without expecting anything in return. This all comes with the territory[...]

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GUEST BLOG: The (TED)X Factor by Ting Zhang

When I stepped through the doors of the Queenstown Memorial Center on April 19th, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. It was my first TEDx event, and my first time at a large organized event in Queenstown. As an avid TED Talk viewer, I was looking forward to partaking in a day of intellectual[...]


A Brief History of Queenstown

1200AD (or thereabouts) – Polynesians were the first to explore and hunt in the area. Later, Maoris set up camp at the head of the lake, near modern day Glenorchy where they found beautiful pounamu (greenstone). They named Queenstown Tāhuna, meaning shallow bay. 1860 – William Gilbert Rees and fellow explorer, Nicholas Paul Baltasar von[...]

Mark Balla and Marcus Winter

We couldn’t be more chuffed to kickstart our speaker list with these two titans.  Both completely different and so very awesome in their own right.  Get ready to have your socks blown off people!   Mark Balla (traveller, social activist and entrepreneur) “I would like to thank you on behalf of half a million people…”[...]

Media Release : TEDxQueenstown 2015 Date Announced

Media Release from TEDxQueenstown Queenstown, New Zealand Thursday 11 September 2014 TEDxQueenstown announces event dates! TEDxQueenstown’s Community Launch has kicked off the campaign for 2015 with a blast. Covered on the night in the series of chats was the concept of TEDx, information on how locals can be involved from both a personal and a business level and[...]